Why are my chickens dying?

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    I'll start from the beginning, I took in 6 of my friends sick birds and put them in their own housing from my own birds. I knew they were sick. We bathed each one of them, rubbed D.E all over them, and treated them with ivermectim for internal and external mites. They had scaley leg mite and we found red tiny mites on them. It was a pour on solution that we put 4-5 drops on the back of their neck. We also rubbed a heavy coat of petroluem jelly on they legs once a week for 3 weeks. After 2 weeks of ivermectim, we applied it once more.

    But before the second week, one bird died. She looked and acted healthy, the only thing off with her was that she wasn't laying eggs for a few months as my friend said, when we moved her here, she popped one out. But within 2 weeks died. I looked at her skin and feathers and it all looked healthy.

    One bird I had to kill today. She has the worst diehrea, we washed her butt once a week. The past few days she wasn't doing so well. I thought she'd be okay since she was moving and joining the flock and eating. But she has been fatigue and slouching. Today i looked at her, one eye looked normal, the other didn't. Her pupil was tiny and had this greyish color to it where the rest of her pupil should have been. Also her comb was pale in color and wobbled to the side. I was outside today all day, I go back in to check on them, and she looks dead. She was breathing and she moved when I picked her up and became a little alert, but I knew she wasn't going to make it.

    Also, a few days ago, my horny teenage rooster finally made his way into the coop with the girls so he has been hanging with them, but I do not think they got over mated or anything, 5 girls against one stranger of a rooster? Plus I've rarley seen him aggressive with my hens. But one more thing, there's this chicken with a limp, today she was just sitting in one spot, when I went back to check on them, she was still sitting there, I could hear her breathing, I look at her, and her eye is closed and has dark blood on it. What happen? It's not bright red, the blood looks dry now, but I have no idea what is going on. And I have not seen any worms in their poop or any odd color.

    They are also on chicken's layer's feed and eat scratch food.

    The one with the bleeding eye
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    Does the hens have bubbles in their eyes? It's called bubble eye and is very bad. You'll be quarantined if they have it.
    The hen with the bleeding eye might have fought the rooster!
    Is their crop watery like a balloon filled with water? That's yeast infection. Are they drinking a lot of water and not wanting to eat? It's a deadly disease.

    If they're sick there doesn't need to be a rooster in there with them. They don't need to be stressed by being topped.

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    I hope you haven't made a terrible mistake by adding these sick chickens into your flock. It sounds like the one with the funny eye color probably has ocular Mareks disease. You have also brought mites into your coop that can be nearly impossible to get rid of permanently. Permethrin and Sevin dust are the best to combat mites. DE doesn't do much, and ivermectin may have been overused in treating mites. Since Mareks can cause lameness and paralysis, tumors, and a decreased resistance to common diseases such as coccodiosis, these chickens could bring in multiple diseases. A necropsy by the state vet on a sacrificed ill chicken or on one that dies may tell you what all is wrong, but if it were me, I would give them back or cull them, so as not to infect my healthy flock.

    Mareks disease

    Normal eye in center, Mareks on left and right
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