Why are my chickens dying?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by elizabet253, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Sep 7, 2014
    I'll start from the beginning, I took in 6 of my friends sick birds and put them in their own housing from my own birds. I knew they were sick. We bathed each one of them, rubbed D.E all over them, and treated them with ivermectim for internal and external mites. They had scaley leg mite and we found red tiny mites on them. It was a pour on solution that we put 4-5 drops on the back of their neck. We also rubbed a heavy coat of petroluem jelly on they legs once a week for 3 weeks. After 2 weeks of ivermectim, we applied it once more.

    But before the second week, one bird died. She looked and acted healthy, the only thing off with her was that she wasn't laying eggs for a few months as my friend said, when we moved her here, she popped one out. But within 2 weeks died. I looked at her skin and feathers and it all looked healthy.

    One bird I had to kill today. She has the worst diehrea, we washed her butt once a week. The past few days she wasn't doing so well. I thought she'd be okay since she was moving and joining the flock and eating. But she has been fatigue and slouching. Today i looked at her, one eye looked normal, the other didn't. Her pupil was tiny and had this greyish color to it where the rest of her pupil should have been. Also her comb was pale in color and wobbled to the side. I was outside today all day, I go back in to check on them, and she looks dead. She was breathing and she moved when I picked her up and became a little alert, but I knew she wasn't going to make it.

    Also, a few days ago, my horny teenage rooster finally made his way into the coop with the girls so he has been hanging with them, but I do not think they got over mated or anything, 5 girls against one stranger of a rooster? Plus I've rarley seen him aggressive with my hens. But one more thing, there's this chicken with a limp, today she was just sitting in one spot, when I went back to check on them, she was still sitting there, I could hear her breathing, I look at her, and her eye is closed and has dark blood on it. What happen? It's not bright red, the blood looks dry now, but I have no idea what is going on. And I have not seen any worms in their poop or any odd color.

    They are also on chicken's layer's feed and eat scratch food.

    The one with the bleeding eye
  2. Some of your described symptoms sound like Mareks. The first thing I would do would be worm them with Valbazen or Safeguard. You should probably treat them for coccidia, also. Do you still see bugs on them? If you do you need to get a poultry dust and dust them thoroughly. DE will not help if they are infested with lice and mites.
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    The thing with sick birds, truly sick birds, is a lot of time they don't get well.
    Age + sickness is not a good combination. Sometimes with a heavy infestation of parasites the birds are so weak that they are very susceptible to ANY thing else.

    I would cull the lot.

    Mrs K
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    x2. The paleness makes me think they still have parasites. The discolored pupil could be a vitamin deficiency, I think D3 and calcium. Some electrolytes in their water won't hurt either. Also, antibiotics can cause the runs sometimes. You've got a real mystery going on over there. Mareks, vitamin deficiency, bugs OMG, I feel bad for you and the birds.
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    Yes, I saw red mites, but I don't think they have those any longer since I did look at the first dead chicken and nothing was on her. The rest of the birds that are left are fine, laying, eating, scratching, just hope they don't get worse. And my mom doesn't want to cull them since we've got this far.
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    Sep 7, 2014
    I looked up symptoms for mareks, they don't match. Their stool is loose, but like I said, it's a normal color. They are skinny though, and one chicken does limp but my friend said she was limping since the first day she got her possibly from transportation? But everything else moves with them. Like I already said, the rest of the birds seem fine, but I do see diarhea on their butts, so I'll have to bathe their butts one more time and watch to see if it continues. They also do often have blood spots in the eggs which I read only really occurs in eggs that have just started laying, other wise it is a vitamin defecinancy, but these blood spots have been occuring for months. There's at least 1 egg in a dozen that has these.
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    x2 I also would not bring sick birds onto my place. Especially with an already established flock.
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    NEVER do I bring birds from outside here! I agree, these poor birds need to be euthanized. I would recommend that you get them necropsied at your nearest facility; here in Michigan it's at Michiga State's pathology lab. Some states have very low prices on this, because sick chickens are a risk to poultry facilities and sometimes people. Your state vet school or your ag extension office may help find a good place. So sorry you're dealing with this very sad story. Mary
  9. Are you going to worm them?
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    I do hope they haven't infected the rest of your flock.

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