Why are my healthy hens dying?

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    Feb 22, 2013
    I am new to the chicken world and did not know I could get so attached when I started. They are such wonderful pets and they are always so happy to see me.

    About 6 months ago I bought 15 chicks. We were left two Rhode Island Red hens by the previous home owner and one of them is still a layer. When the chicks were about 3 months old we put them all in the same coop together and we have lost 6 chicks since then starting in November with the most recent one today. They coop is large and cleaned at least once a week. They always have pleanty of fresh clean water and I feed them the highest quality organic corn, soy and GMO free feed. I also mix grit and oyster shells with the feed.

    The chicks all behave normally when I visit them each day. I have examined each dead chick and there are no outward signs of trama or disease.

    Please help! I am so sad and so are my daughters. They each have a special chick,still living, and I do not want to have to tell them their's has passed away.

    If it matters, we started with 5 black and white chicks and are now down to 4, 5 Rhode Island Reds and we are down to 3, and 5 "Easter Egg" chickens (forgive my ignorance of their real name) and we still have 4 left (one turned out to be a rooster) along with one white chicken.

    One other thing, all the chicks seems to want to nest in the same box as the laying hen. Could she be harming them? A few are just starting to lay.
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    It could be that those younger pullets are catching something from the older hen which may have immunity, but is a carrier of a certain disease. Are there any symptoms exhibited by the birds before they died? Were any of the young birds vaccinated for anything like Mareks disease (Range paralysis)?
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