Why are my Muscovies not keeping with the other's on here???

D'Angelo N Va.

10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
I am in Va. and my Muscovy ducks are not laying yet... I have a friend that raises Muscovies and says her don't lay until about mid March and stop in late Oct..she is about 1 1/2 hr. from me...Yet, I see others on here are getting loads of Muscovy eggs right now and some of them have gone broody....what's the deal??
I'm fairly sure it's down to the temperature of where they are kept. In Austria where I live we've had a really bad winter, and my Muscovies only started laying again yesterday.

Once the days get warmer and lighter the ducks will start laying.
ok, so it's the temp??? We have had some really nice days. So again, it's the temp. in the hen house, so the quicker I get them outside the quicker I see eggs...
I dont know what yours are waiting on- are you sure they arent laying? I found a hidden frozen nest of about thirteen eggs by my wood pile.
My girls are laying now- I am in Michigan with temps ranging between the single digits to 40 degrees...more freezing days than not.
See, that's exactly what I am talking about...but NO,,they aren't. And mine are in the hen house so I would see the eggs, they can't hide them any where out of sight..
You didnt mention how old your muscovies are. Were they laying in the fall? If they are fall babies, they may just need a little more time to get started.
Age will play a big part, that and protien levels & light. As Mom2em All mentioned, late fall babies may take a bit longer before laying. My one late summer/early fall girl just started laying a few weeks ago. The rest of my Scovies only stopped laying for about 1mo.
& I'm in Indiana. I fed them 22% mixed w/18% flock raiser all winter along w/thawed peas and cat food as treats. I had a 125W light on over their water bowls to keep them fm freezing up but that's it. I switched to a 250W for about 1-2wks during our coldest spell then switched back once it warmed back up into to 20's. I haven't had the light on now at night for about 2 wks. but I already have/had 4 girls w/clutches & now brooding.
I am not sure of the age actually because they were grown when I got them...but one hen was on a clutch of eggs so the lady said when she sold her to me at the poultry show last fall..and she said she should be laying again in a couple of weeks, this was in August..and the two new hens I got were hatched out late summer of last year....I feed the layer pellets like I feed the hens, is that not high enough protein? I will check on the protein levels on the bag and get back with you.... Thanks so much.
We feed ours Dumor layer Crumbles.Ours are on their second year.They start up in March/April then stop in September/October.Sorry yours hasnt started laying yet. Maybe they dont like mixed crowds?
Ours in in a coop of their own with a drake.

Limpy one of our musc hens is on 5 eggs now!!!

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