Why are my roosters getting blood red legs?


7 Years
Jun 11, 2012
Pope County, Arkansas
I have 4 roosters; 1 light brahma at 8 months, 1 frizzled bantam cochin a year and a half old, and 2 easter eggers, one just over 7 months and one is around 4 months. All of them except the youngest have developed a blood red color on the insides of their legs.

I first noticed it in the cochin a couple months ago. They were so red I thought they were bleeding and that he had been skinned on his legs. Upon closer inspection the skin was intact and not swollen, just a painful looking red color. He didn't seem to mind me touching it, any more than touching any other part of him
so I chalked it up to perhaps the girls or another rooster pulling out his leg feathers, as he had a couple missing. I let it be and he seemed fine, still does. Then I noticed it on my brahma last week; again, I thought the girls were pulling his feathers. Today I noticed it on my clean legged EE at 7 months. What is going on? The hens don't have this, just the boys. The youngest hasn't developed it yet but his legs are slate so it might be harder to tell on him. Is this a hormonal thing or is something wrong? Please help! None of them act like it hurts but it sure looks like it would.
I had a feeling it was hormonal, thanks! Do all roosters get red legs in response to a rush in hormones? Does this mean that the ones with the reddest legs will have a potential for becoming aggressive? Haven't come across this before, just trying to learn.
Brewster, our RIR rooster got red legs just a few weeks ago. He is and (I hope) will always be a complete sweetie-pie. They do not become aggressive, they just get, err, aggressively, err..., romantic.
When my rooster started getting the red legs and read marks on them I thought they has a disease!!!!!

Now I know its just hormonal and totally normal.

It does not affect their behavior to you at all - just makes them a bit more attracted to the hens!

On a side not - I noticed the combs often change colour - sometimes dark cherry red, other times with black, blue or purple areas.

Again I thought they were sick or had heart problems. Again its normal and controlled by hormones - it seems to depend of the mood of the rooster. Rather like the wattles of turkeys that can change colour.

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