WHY are the cute ones ALWAYS boys?????


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
I was looking at my bantam cochin baby and he is ALL boy .....he has the most feathers on his feet Ive ever seen, BUSHY and he is a boy.....
I have the worst luck with baby boys.

I have 11 chicks at the moment and it seems that only two, MAYBE one are girls. Last year I had five and it turned out they were ALL boys and the year before my class hatched 10, 9 of which were....

Could be worse... I ordered my first chicks straight run and my favorite actually turned out to be a pullet! The first week we let them out to free range a hawk nabbed her. She was the only girl I had in that breed till about a year ago. It would have been easier if she had been a boy.
That is always my luck as well, more than half of mine end up to be boys and you can only have so many ya know? I have silkie babies now and I'm worried how many will be roos and they take so long to mature by then Im attached, I need to stop with the babies
Oh my. I think I only have one boy and he/she was a sexed pullet RIR. His/her comb was bright red since 7 weeks. I'm waiting for a crow or an egg to make sure. I picked 8 chicks this year. My straight runs I believe are female!!! I've been very lucky!
Well I managed the 9 cockerels to 2 pullets from an 11 hatch, too, then had 6 cockerels from 6 hatched . I thought I was jinxed. However, my current hatch is 7 pullets to 2 cockerels, so the bad spell does pass....eventually.
I'm having roo overload this year also. Total of 13 chicks this year; 7 confirmed boys, 2 confirmed girls and the jury is still out on the other 4 (2 of which I'm thinking are roos).
And for some reason it seems to be the Pretty ones, this little guy is going to be such a puff ball he would have made a beau girl
Isn't it the case with men too? You always have to get rid of the cute ones...

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