Why arent my silkies laying yet? they are 7 months old. (about)


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
Can someone explain what i am doing wrong? ive never had to wait this long to get a pullet egg! NONE of my new ones are laying (and they are all i have so i know they arent) lol
Please help me
im so stumped
how long does it take silkie pullets to lay their first egg?
How many hours of sunlight do you get where you're at? That can seriously effect laying in hens.

As the days get shorter the amount of eggs becomes fewer and fewer!
were getting about 12 hrs of natural sunlight. i will be adding a light on a timer to their pen soon. How long do they need light? 14 hrs?
8 months huh, well lets hope i see one soon lol
ive been waiting sooo impatiently Lol it seems like they are the latest layers lol
Hahaha oh they are def. girls. The boys say so lol
plus they have the girl looks, no streamers, spurs, pointy tail feathers, little comb to none at all. no large wattles
also when they were at the fair the judge didnt see anything wrong with them being in the pullet section lol,
im Very sure they are girls lol
(i have enough boys lol, and boy do they let you know they are the boys lol)
I think someone showed a Silkie once as a pullet and won (might have been someone on BYC). It was a Cockerel

If they are good quality they usually do not lay until around 8 months old. I think hatchery quality lay alot sooner.
oh? Lol well my lil boys Look WAY dif. from the lil girls. they boys have been crowing for months, and have MASSIVE combs and wattles.
and the lil girls (should be) LOL have Nothing like that lol
3 outta my 4 girls are pet and the one is a show, and i just bought her and the girl said she thinks she already just laid her first egg.
But im just wondering why my 3 original girls havent yet.
do they need 14 hours light?
You may need to supplement light, since the days are getting shorter now. That is if you want them to lay more. I don't supplement light, just because I think it's harder on their body, and they need some time off from laying.
Some of my flock
the newest

other girl

One of my boys

another boy

last boy, Hes a character

another girl, Please excuse the mess, its chick pen cleaning day. (She took on these incubator chicks)

and some of the flock

hard to see

i figured these could help with the male female discussion
im pretty positive they are females (besides the boy) lol

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