Why breeding two frizzles together is BAD! (nekkid chicken pics! EEEK)


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Aug 4, 2008
New Durham NH
I got a bunch of frizzles from a hatchery about 2 months ago, I was alarmed when some of them started loosing thier fluff, and not growing feathers! I did a lot of reading, here and in books, and took a crash course on the frizzle gene! Basically, these poor babies got a double dose of the frizzle gene, which, like the rex gene in rabbits, cats and rats, would cause hairlessness! So, all that being said, for all of you who might want to try it just to see what would happen, here is your answer! Its not pretty! but they are sweet!

Fortunately we have a heated coop, and they are growing up with lots of buddies to snuggle with, so unless someone knows how to make a chicken sweater, I dont recommend breeding a frizzle to a frizzle!

Oh, and I spoke to the hatchery, they had only just become aware of the problem, and were addressing it, and refunded all of my money for the whole batch, even the good birds! I think they were honestly unaware, and they did over and above to fix it!


in this one, there is a normal frizzle on the right, the naked one in the middle, and a 'curly' on the left.

This cutie is from the same batch. nice frizzling here.

I was on the phone to the hatchery! Says it right at the top. They were appropriately appalled, and refunded me, and are working to fix the problem.

A lot of hatcheries buy thier eggs in from outside sources, so it is hard to control the genetics of something like this. But, now they are aware, and loosing money, so they will fix it quick I am sure.
I got one from mcmurray like that in May. It did feather out completely, but it too awhile. I just kept it in the house longer than the others.
Because they did right by me, and I feel they are honestly fixing the problem, I am purposefully not mentioning the name of the hatchery. Too many people like to hop on the negatives of hatcheries.

I use lots of different hatcheries, and have good and bad results from them all. Chicks are variables, its impossible to get the same results twice!

I hope you understand, I just dont want this to turn into a hatchery bashing session. I just thought people would be interested in the genetic results of too much frizzle! I was fascinated tho concerned, and will make sure they are as comfy as I can make them. I hope they do feather out someday! They sure look funny now!
That is fine. They are my fav they are always good about replacing/refunding. like I said the two I got from them were the same way one was way worse than the other one. It took awhile, but they both look normal now.
I have to say, it somewhat disturbs me that a hatchery wouldn't know this. Gee, I don't even have a frizzle and I know about the frizzle gene. It's just sad. I'm glad you brought it to their attention, and extra glad they resolved the situation. Hope your little one eventually grows some feathers!

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