why can't you candle an egg after the 18th day?

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    and I've read that you shouldn't turn the eggs in the incubator after the 18th day? Why is this?

    So, since my broody hen, Greta, is taking care of the eggs, how do I safeguard the eggs being turned and disrupted by the other chickens. They all want to lay their eggs in the same nest box that Greta is brooding in and she sometimes gets kicked out.

    When the chick hatches [​IMG] (there's only one good egg under her) I plan on putting them into a little coop along side the run so that they are seen by the others during separation. If I separate her now, then I may have re-introducing problems as they won't see her for a while b/c she will be out of sight sitting on the nest constantly until the chick hatches and finally leaves the enclosed area into the outside run area.

    I've read that they usually put the brooder in another part of the coop, but mine isn't big enough.

    What should I do?
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    On day 18 the eggs should have increased humidity and not be turned anymore as the chick will be hatching soon. I would try to put wire in front of your broody hen to block the others from bothering her. By day 18 she shouldn't get out anymore anyway until the chick hatches.
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    Yes get the wire up to keep the others out for sure!

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