Why did my broody hen poop on her hatching chick?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    My broody hen has successfully hatched and reared one chick out of a clutch of six eggs. The chick is now five weeks old. The day after the existing chick hatched, a second egg began the hatching process and was partially out of the egg when the mother pooped on it. This is how I found the dead chick. I'm puzzled as to why this happened. Did she do it accidentally? or was it a wilful act. None of the other eggs hatched. Can anyone enlighten me?

    (My hen - despite being a hybrid becomes broody so regularly I decided to indulge her as she nearly died last year from not eating and drinking enough. She is a very determined setter, so I decided to get her some fertile eggs from a nearby farm - despite none of the other eggs hatching, she continued to sit on them way after 21 days. I finally removed the eggs on day 30 so that she would start to teach her hatchling how to forage etc)

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    So sorry for the loss of that second chick....I think that this was entirely accidental on her part.

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