Why did the chicken cross the road? I have the answer

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    The joke that has as many answers as there are people on this fine planet, Why did the chicken cross the road? There are several funny answers and others not so funny but today I come to you with a story of truth.

    I had a couple roosters with my 18 hens at the time. One of the roosters was like a rotten teenager and mated with the hens until their backs and heads were bare of feathers. He was adopted by a friend of mine who's rooster was a slacker. Now down to 1 rooster. My last rooster became very agressive to the point of not letting me into the coop to collect eggs, fill the waterer or feeder. This was no good and I didn't feel right passing such an agressive roo off on anyone so to the freezer he went.
    Now we were out of roos and my ladies were all alone with no man to show them where the good grubs were or to shu them to the coop when a hawk would fly over.
    Until one day when from across the road, just as the sun rose, came a-struttin' what looked to be a golden duckwing OEGB mix holding his head high. He walked up to the coop, flapped his wings and crowed, "Good morning ladies." He waited patiently for them to be released from their pen to range with him.
    This galiant rooster was clearly older, with his spurs being sizable in diameter yet trimed to an inch or so long. He was gentlemanly finding the nicest cow patties full of seeds and the spot where the irrigation water pooled bringing worms to the top of the ground.
    Now the lady that fed the chickens did not know the rooster so she didn't want to let the hens out with him at first. Yet every morning he would cross the road to the coop and wait and talk with the hens then cross back every evening to his own coop.
    After a while the lady decided that she would let her hens be with the rooster and let the hens out. The relationship between the rooster and hens was the sweetest thing. Like watching an elderly couple in the park walking hand in hand. He was so carring to the hens and would actually perform the mating dance and only take when the hen would squat to aprove, never attacking her if she was unwilling.
    Now this has been going on for over a month. Every morning he crosses and every evening he crosses back to his home. So the answer to the age long question "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

    To be the boyfriend/husband/spouse that the chickens across the road always dreamed of.
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    Good reason to cross the road.... make fertile eggs.
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    Awww best answer I've ever seen!!! How sweet!!!!!!
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    Sweet story- that made my morning!
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    Now that is sweet. I hope someday we'll get to have a rooster like that, we've only had jerks so far.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Love the story!

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