Why do all of my babies have pasty butt?!


10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
North Texas
This is the second day in a row that I have had to give my babies warm water butt soaks! WHY?!
I think some babies just get the pasty-butt! In every new batch of chicks, at least one had this problem. It usually only happens a few times then it clears up. Good luck!
Shipped chicks, right?

Stress. I noticed the chicks I hatched never suffer from pasty butt, and the light bulb illuminated for me. Feed store chicks I bought had been shipped to the feed store, the chicks were crowded and possibly handled without adoration whilst they waited for a new home, and absolutely none of the ones hatched and carefully carried over to a brooder an entire fifty feet just never exhibited the problem.
They are a two days shy of being a week old!
I have never had to put so much effort into my chicks before! Maybe I will stick with My Pet Chicken, instead of trying to save money with Meyer's next time
yep, they were shipped. I have had lots of chicks shipped to me, but this is the first time I have had to deal with any ongoing issues
I already have molasses in their waterer under the advice from other BYCers due to some weak chicks...won't adding more solutes to the water be over-doing it? Molasses is already very particle heavy, and one of the main functions of water is to help the body expell waist. If the water is already carrying a lot of particles, it can't as easily carry MORE particles out of the body?...
really? I was worried that it is too cool...they seem happily pecking and running around the brooder okay, but The ceramic bulb I got is very low wattage, so I added a heating pad under the brooder on the same end as the lamp...
Adding sugar to water for shipped chicks is really only for the first two days you have them. Continuing the use of sugared water can actually induce pasty butt. Go back to fresh water, or water with a small amount of ACV.

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