Why do my chickens love charcoal ash?


Dec 12, 2019
South Louisiana
Every time without fail when I let them out of their run, they haul butt for the spot where I dump my ash from my BBQ pit. Their feet hardly hit the ground they can't get there fast enough. They will also stay there for at least an hour or 2.

I've never seen an unusual bug activity there and they have it scraped down to bare dirt just about.

Anyone know what the deal is? I'm just curious, it hasn't caused any problems.
Charcoal is a natural detoxifier for all animals. It helps them flush their systems out naturally and makes them feel better. That's why you see them gravitating toward it. Here's an article that will explain it a bit better than I can:

Yes, charcoal can remove toxins from their bodies. There might be a toxin in your chicken area that they are trying to flush out of their systems. Just a thought.

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