Why do people intentionally break the law?

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I see so many posts on here about people having to get rid of their birds because they've been discovered and are now breaking the law.

My question is, if you live in or move into an area that does NOT allow chickens, and you KNOW about it, why do you get them anyway? I can see if you want to get them and you try and change the ordinances AHEAD OF TIME, not after you've already broken the law?

I just don't get it...
That's why I put in bold "and you know about it" because I understand about maybe being in a rural area and ASSUMING it's ok and then later on finding out it's not. It's the ones that do it thinking "Those rules don't apply to me" and try and get away with it, and then COMPLAIN when they are caught!!
It is curious. In my neighborhood chickens are allowed. But the next neighborhood over, where a friend lives, they are not. Over several years this friend has had chickens off and on. Hawks get them, possums get them, raccoons get them. She has needlessly lost so many birds that one breeder from whom she has purchased chicks will no longer sell to her. And last summer the city got them -- someone turned her in and city official made her get rid of her chicks. So, this spring what did she do? She got more chicks!

What's the deal? Search me!

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There's too many people out there that think the laws don't apply to them and it burns me up that there aren't stiffer fines or something for them - and not just with chickens!

There has to be a boundary SOMEWHERE, just like with county and state and city and town boundaries, it has to be there. If you want to have something, MOVE or don't have them.

Just as when we moved to Anchorage, the apartment complex we were in allowed TWO dogs, so I had TWO dogs until I moved, and now I have NINE.
Why do people drive 65 in 55 mile per hour zones? Isn't it the same thing?

For me it's principle. If I OWN a house and property and decide I want to have some chickens then I will do it regardless of the town statutes. As long as it doesn't affect my neighbors than why is it a problem?

There are also huge differences between the law, zoning regulations, and neighborhood covenants. If you read through all these items that or "on the books" you would find so many things that are just ridiculous.

I'll also add that it's legal for people to have multiple dogs in most places but sometimes chickens are not allowed. Does that make sense? I think not.

I could continue all day on this one.

I got chickens before I even knew if they were allowed. I assumed they were because others in town had them. When I finally checked the town ordinances, which no one at city hall even knew about, I found I was allowed up to 20. At the time I had more than that so I guess I was illegal too. Today my 8 birds are within the law. If I order 20 meat birds than technically I'm in violation of the town zoning laws.

I understand the question the OP asks here and I do share some of the same sentiment. If someone knowingly violates the law/ordinance/bylaw and gets caught than they really don't have a right to complain. It is ok for them to be sad and upset. After all we do love our chickens here.
Did you know in Nebraska it's illegal to sell donut holes?

Check this list of laws out:

Now tell me again why people break the law even if they KNOW they're breaking the law


Some people honestly just don't know. I had an emergency situation and had to pack up and move in less then 24 hours and the only place I could go was to my dads down in S. FL. He is in an unincorporated zone that isn't a part of any city so no one seems to know the law concerning chickens here. I've called animal control, the police, the sheriffs dept and the Palm Beach County court house. NO ONE KNOWS!

I have 14 chickens, 1 is a rooster who has been crowing almost non stop because of all the racoons in the area. Its keeping them away and maybe if the neighbors knew that they would understand (and be grateful), but I saw animal control drive by yesterday while they were still in the garage (before the temporary pen was set up) so now that theyre outside and his crowing can be heard by the neighbors I'm expecting complaints. Even if it's legal for me to keep them here I don't want to make anyone upset.
PurpleChicken, in you case you didn't know ahead of time and I consider that to be different.

Yes the 65 in a 55 is the SAME and one of the reasons I drive 55. Period.

Yup some of the laws are stupid, but they are still laws and just because we THINK they are stupid makes them no less a law until they are changed, which can be done!

I just don't break the law, well frankly, because my butt would be caught in a red hot minute!
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