why do you have your ostriches and emus?

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  1. birdbrain5

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    Aug 2, 2010
    im just curious to know why people raise these birds, i dont even know what a rhea is lol so i didnt really ask about that one. it never occured to me people really had these kind of birds in thier backyards, but im interested now! im just wondering is it for meat? do they sell? or just as pets? they are quite big, seems almost like owning a horse! which im familiar with, but never thought to own a bird this size. id be very interested to hear why you all keep them! [​IMG]
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    Apr 7, 2010
    I can tell you why I DON'T have emus anymore! lol.

    one of ours got injured and my BF doesn't have the brains or the bawls to euthinize it. So $1200 vet bill later and the bumper of my car is all scraped... After that she was super mean.

    I'd say if you raise them, do it for meat or eggs but not for the novelty, especially if your mate is a delusional moron! lol sorry

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    Jan 6, 2011
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    Heck for that matter why would anyone keep any pet.. the eat you out of house and home the vet bills are more than the morgage all the labor of fixing fences coops water and electric lines . Hauling your butt out the house when its well below freezing or just a bit cooler than hell to make certain they have water and feed .for what.. simple rational arguement could there be.
    Could be just a simple egg hatch that baby newborn calf goat or blind little bunny thoese few seconds of anticapition and joy when everything comes out ok the pain when it doesn't .touching the very begining of man and nature if you can't feel it in you soul then just scratch your head and go to the supermarket.
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    Jun 8, 2010
    I don’t have them, Birdbrain. They have me. I took a farmhouse way out in the bush. There were wild emus here. I tamed three chicks. They don’t live in my world. I live in their world.

    They are – for me, I’m singular on this site – an unending source of amusement at a low price. (You may all sigh with envy. I pay no vet’s bills. [I sometimes get free advice. Two friends of mine are vets.] I buy a ten-dollar bag of ‘seconds’ wheat about eight times a year.) They spend half the day in the house-clearing. Their inquisitive heads turn up at the windows. They will stick their head in the living-room door to peck at wheat. I talk to them all the time. (When they talk back, it’s time to got to town and see some humans.)

    Supreme Emu, Rocky Gully, W.A.
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    because they are seriously AWESOME!

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