Why do you love your rooster?

chicken farmer

10 Years
Feb 7, 2012
Why do you love your rooster for? I love my ameracauna rooster because he loves his hens and cares for them with all his heart and enjoys making them happy by giving them food,letting them ''groom'' him,even sometimes sit in the nestingbox with them to comfort them while laying an egg.And I love my buff silkie rooster because he loves his hens and will sit in the nest and cluck to her,call her to give her food and even help raise the little chicks when his hen hatches some and he's so sweet and I will have to see what the young cockrels and chicks do when there older I love my roosters

Not the best pictures,and these were from last year but there still good

I love my rooster because he is so good with the girls! He has such a different personality from the hens, it is just so much fun to watch him interact with them! (Plus he's so handsome!)
I love my roo because he respects me! He has never charged me or flared up a neck feather. Not to mention he loves his ladies and keeps the arguments to a minimum in the flock. Although he is less than half the size of his girls, they listen to him. Usually!
Here's my boy Dovah with some of his girls! He's so handsome, well-behaved, and protective of his flock. He even treats the younger roosters well, but he makes sure to keep them in line (and they respect his authority without question).

He's getting older, and is blind in one eye, but he's a gentleman!

And here he is having a nuzzle with his favorite lady, Lydia.


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