Why does my hen stick her whole head in the water bowl?


May 2, 2019
Okay y’all, this is the only chicken I have do this. Everyone else drinks water normally. This one, she dunks like her whole head in the water. Everytime!! It’s pretty funny honestly. Can anyone explain why?? We don’t have ducks and have never had them! Maybe she identifies as a duck? :p I wish I could attach the video I have, but here’s a screenshot from it. She just dunks her head, immediately comes back up, drinks her water, and does it again. LOL

She seems perfectly healthy with no respiratory issues from doing this. All my other chickens drink normally from this bowl.

We also have regular waterers where she can’t dunk her whole head, lol. Just one of the extra bowls for water during the soon to be dog days of summer!

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