Why does my peacock always show me his butt?


Jan 25, 2021
I've apparently adopted someone else's peacock - he's been showing up to eat with my chickens & guineas for almost four months now. He seems very tame, as he's willing to eat out of my hand and even let me pet him occasionally. We've noticed something odd, though - whenever he spreads his train out and sees us looking, he'll turn his back to us so we're looking at the back of the train. From time to time he'll shake his butt at us, too.

Until now, my primary experience with peacocks has been at the Houston Zoo, where they wander around free. The ones there never showed me their butts - they always wanted me where they could see me. So... maybe it's a trust thing, his way of telling me he feels safe around me? I dunno.

Is this normal behavior with peacocks, and if so, why do they do it?

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