Why does this keep happening? :'(

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    So I have had this to keep happening over the course of my whole chicken raising experience. It generally only happens to the younger birds and chicks. They get all puffed up, lethargic, and then they die withing a few hours. I have them on antibiotics and they have all been wormed. The feces looks normal as far as I can tell. What could this be?? Thanks for any help
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    Some possible causes: it could be Marek's, it could also be a strain of coccidia. Have you checked for mites and/or lice? They can be on a chicken sucking their blood for a long time before a chicken may exhibit any illness symptoms. I'm sorry for your losses; I hope you get to the bottom of it.
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    Quote:+1 Always, it is worth it to inspect your chickens every time you hold them for mites and lice.
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    I think I'd consider having a necropsy done on one of the chicks or younger birds that dies. Perhaps your adult birds are carriers of something (like CRD/GM, etc) and much older pullets and birds can usually deal with these infections much better...with a much lower mortality rate. The younger birds have a much higher mortality rate from them. They could be hatching infected (passed from a carrier hen) or being contaminated after hatch by the birds-- or transferred by you 'tracking it in' to them if they're in a different brooder area.
    A necropsy might be what's needed to know what you're dealing with. I've read that some some state vets/department of ag will do a necropsy on a potential problem in a flock for free, or a greatly reduced rate. I'd check your area and see what's available if that's an option at all. (if any of your birds have ever had a "cold"-- coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge of any sort...even if seemingly mild... you ARE probably dealing with CRD of some sort)

    Otherwise, definitely check for lice/mites. Super tiny little buggers and sometimes hard to see (IMO), but they can take a small bird down rather quickly.

    If it is some infection/disease that's being contracted by them, antibiotics will only help IF it's the 'right one' for the job-- for the problem you're facing. Not all things are sensitive to the same antibiotics.

    I'm assuming some you raise make it to adulthood? Not all would succumb to many of the illnesses out there...but they usually do have a higher mortality rate in chicks and younger birds.
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    I know its not mites or lice, I've checked. I will call the vet to see if they would do a test on them, I will also search for medicine to treat cocci. Thanks for all the help and responses!!!! [​IMG]

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