Why don't they sleep together?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by amsunshine, Sep 24, 2012.

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    So after 2 1/2 months we let our pea-pair out. They are hanging around our farmyard, mostly together though the male tends to go off on his own and forget about his lady. However, at night they do not only NOT go back in the barn, but they have taken to roosting in trees for the night, separately. Separate trees. Why is that? Does this mean they are not a bonded pair/don't like each other after all? They seemed to be getting along just fine in the barn.

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    [​IMG] mabe he rocks the branch at night and she don't like it [​IMG]

    My peas roost in different trees sometimes but eventually they all get back together in one tree, i would not worry about them, mating season is over also so they tend to split up and go off by themselves sometimes at least mine do, i have 1 male that does his own thing leaving the rest behind, he always messs up my head count.
    Got any pictures to share? [​IMG] i love pictures [​IMG]
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