Why dows my 16gb sd say 6h of video and only gives 2h.

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by beauh, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. beauh

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    I brought a SD card for $45 and it says 6h and only gives 2 hs. (not naming brands or anything)
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    that is due to the bitrate

    if you have a say for EG. a 1080p Full HD 2 Hour Film that is a high 1080x900 pixel image at high quiality and will fill the whole 16GB Card

    where as if you had a 720p HD Film that is 720x576 pixel [still hd but lower bitrate] you may be able to get say 3-4 hours on 16GB

    Manufacturers are allowed to state in the specs the highes amount of data possible rather then an avarage

    so the highest amount of data is SD Format and will be about 6 hours but who uses SD now adays

    i never use hours as a mark

    i always use SD Card Data Size its a much better guide line

    although i like to compress my 1080p films so to make them a data size of 1and halfGB

    that will then give me aprox 10 films at 2 hours each on 16GB
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    I think it depends on the quality of the videos. I know somebody will have a better definition.
    But I'm a computer/teck dummy.

  4. hemet dennis

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    Yea what they said. [​IMG]

  5. beauh

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    But its says 6h , maybe need a camcorder. Do you work for Sd makers???
  6. ivan3

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    They're not lying (6hr. / 720p): Shoot 1080i/p and get 2 hrs. High def = High bit rate = eat up the space available, pretty quick. [​IMG] http://www.lexar.com/files/product/datasheet/DS_LSDxxxFSBNAHD_Rev_F.pdf If you are trying to `play' from a card reader on an XP machine (not recommended...), in `standard HD' def. you'll run into a 2GB (~2hr) limit: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923293 Use a Nikon & Canon with class 10 32GB cards - ~2hr., at highest def., on either.
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