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    The last couple of weeks have been really busy at work, I've been working 16+ hr days. I've been so overwhelmed with work and kind of stressed out. I haven't had a chance to go out and hang with the chickens at all.

    Today I finally got caught up and I was able to take a break and just pull up a chair and sit with the girls out in the yard. My flock is small, only 5 girls. But, all of them came and hung out with me and just stayed in a little square around my chair. My EE, Rizzo, jumped up on my lap and stayed there for a long time (without pooping!). I swear she kept trying to tell me something, but I don't understand chicken yet! She was happy to just sit on my lap and talk with me. One of my RIRs jumped up on my lap for a little bit, too. They've never really been affectionate before, it was almost like they knew I needed some chicken love! [​IMG]

    I totally love my dogs and bunnies, too. But there is just something about some cuddling from a chicken that is special! It really did help me unwind and release all the stress from the last couple weeks. Now if I could just get them to lay me some eggs!

    Hmm... I think the world needs a little more chicken therapy! [​IMG]
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