Why is chick dustbathing on me


Apr 17, 2019
i have a very friendly 4 day old chick that keeps dustbathing on my chest/in my hands when being held - it is super cute, but also seems like odd behaviour. It is with mum outside with dirt (can dustbathe there) also has a broody box with pine shavings (can also dustbathe there). So why when he/she is on me? I think this chick imprinted on me and does not seem too keen on hanging out with mum if I am around - mum is happy just to have babies and seems ok with this odd chick and doesn’t treat it any differently. Have any of you ever had a chick/chicken do this?
And yes - I shower daily :D Hopefully this little one stops this or it is going to need to wear socks for hugs - those claws are already sharp!

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