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Nov 9, 2007
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Why is Father's Day late this year? Anybody know?
Come the first week in June I mailed off a Father's day card to my Dad like always, only to look at the calender a few days later and discover it's not until next weekend.
We were discussing it at a party yesterday, but nobody knew why. I realize that today is Flag Day. Perhaps the Powers-That-Be didn't want two holidays on the same day?
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lol. i thought it was today until my MIL pointed out that next weekend they are going camping and it's Father's day weekend. not camping.. no thank you! lol. i love camping but im not sure if i like his family *that* much. and with my animals.. i feel bad.. so i am not sure if he wants to go.. but id have to stay home

so im not sure why it's late.. but yeah i thought so too.
Father's day is the third sunday in June so it depnds on what day the first falls on that is why it is so late this year. Next year it is the 20th then the following year the 19th.

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