Why is it so hard to raise baby turkeys with chickens


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Aug 10, 2008
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I hatched 8 of 12 turkey eggs in and incubator then keep them in a box /cage for about 2 months. a few days after i let them out (free range) I found one dead then the next day another. but the other 6 lived just fine.

This momma turkey got tired of me stealing her eggs for my incubator. And started sneaking off everyday then went completely missing only to return home just to feed in the late evening. Then one day here she came with 13 baby's. but they started dieing about one a day now she's left with this one and a chick she adopted. I was told not to let a baby turkeys feet touch the ground for first few months because they can catch a chicken sickness.


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Jun 11, 2008
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i can't tell u the anwser to that. But i can tell u every turkey i hatch is put in with a chick after hatching and stays with the chicks untill 17-20 weeks of age. some of the chickens that grew up with the poults even chirp like a turkey by laying age. Quite funny!!


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Aug 24, 2008
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Keep mine on wire, but same thing had a turkey hen hatch 6 , new better, but let her keep them, lost all. I hatch over 30 still have all except the ones I have sold.

Now when running with chicken. The chicken, some not all can carry disease,with no harm to the chicken,but killer to turkey and peafowl.
I dont put my turkey with my flock of chicken. Now my setting game hens do brood turkeys. Yes she is on wire floor with them.

Think your lost, was because being on the ground, did you feed them medicated starter 24%.?


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Jan 12, 2008
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I hatched one poult and was given a second- my poults and ducks run fine with the chickens- but they can get blackhead.I did use medicated starter.

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