Why is my ducklings neck tucking under?


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Jul 6, 2018
Part of the time she can hold her head up but most of the time needs help because her head tucks under her body and she flips over? Is she going to make it? How do I help her? She also goes in circles.


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My guess is wry neck too. Unfortunately I've had to deal with it with my Silkies. It's usually a vitamin deficiency. Sometimes an injury to the head but that's more likely with silkies and polish chickens. You will want to isolate her and start supplementing with vitamin E, vitamin B and also need selenium (very small amount). For my silkies, I would scramble eggs, add the vitamins and also add their own food, plus water, to make a mash. Sometimes it's hard for them to drink so it's important to get the water into their food that you are giving them. Hope this helps. Good luck
Layer is for layers not for non layers can you get her an all flock or duckling feed? And also some liquid BComplex she needs more than niacin. What does the niacin say your using? If time released or flush feed it won’t help her. Selenium and vit E. Also can help prick a bit E capsule and mix over feed and I am not sure on Selenium dose do you know @Texas Kikialready given some excellent info.

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