Why Is My Hen Drinking So Much? Help Much Appreciated


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Nov 3, 2020
The Emerald Isle
My Coop
My Coop
I used to have 2 Serama hens, but recently 1 died of a pneumonia-like infection.
The hen left behind is a) grieving, b) lonely, c) just started laying and d) on antibiotics in case she has the virus-like thing her friend had.

She's seemed healthy up until now. actually, she's still healthy. But she's drinking a LOT of water. much more than usual.

Here are things that might have caused it/that you'll want to know:
  1. she's more than 7 months old
  2. she's got an egg inside her but hasn't laid it
  3. she eats layers mash but recently has had a lot of grass
  4. there's antibiotics in the water
  5. her crop is not swollen but her stomach is
The only time this has happened before was to a hen who then died. I really don't want this happening, I've had a stressful week with my 2 favourite hens dying suddenly and she's my only pet hen left.
I'm supposed to be getting her a companion very soon as she's lonely but can't if she ill. I'd love some help and guidance. She's acting normal, but I'd love to know what is causing this as soon as possible- thank you SO much.
Drinking too much is a relative statement, how much did she normally drink before? Some birds drink a lot of water especially those that are laying. Is she eating and acting otherwise normal? If so its probably a case of you observing her more than usual being that you just lost one. Should you start to see other signs of illness, then you might see if she seems to be drinking a lot.
Well, she has a 125ml waterer at the moment. usually both she AND the other hen would
get through a little more than half of that in a day. In 1 morning she's almost finished it.

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