Why is my hen loosing her broodiness?

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    I have a full grown hen that went broody snd hatched 9 chicks. Every thing was going well untill today. The chicks are only about three weeks old, and when I walked in the coop yesterday I found an egg in her nest box. I didn't think much of it until today, when I found another egg, and that she was no longer protective of the chiks. She didn't try to peck me when I grabed one of them, like she used to, and later today I saw her pecking her chicks and chasing them around [​IMG]. The chicks are still very young and I don't know what to do about it, this has never happened before, and I've had many broodies throughout the years. Please help!
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    Looks like you'll need to separate and become their mama.

    She'll lay for a couple of weeks and get broody again... it's what they do.

    I like to take the broody mamas away from babies at about five weeks anyway.... gives me a chance to bond with them, by 5 weeks, all of the hard work is over.
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    Each broody is an individual. Some better than others. If she has started laying again she is finished with being a broody.

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