Why is my LEAST mature pullet squatting!?


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western Massachusetts
I have six girls all born on the same day and they are 19 week tomorrow. About two weeks ago my most mature pullet (a Rhodie named Chico) began squatting. She has been doing it more and more since but no eggs yet. Today my least mature pullet (a BR named Lil' Peep) started squatting. The odd thing is that she just has little buds for wattles and her comb is still quite small and pink. I also had another Rhodie (Sandy) squat tonight. She had a little bit of poop on her fluff so when she went to roost tonight I got a wet rag and when I held her down on the roost and began pulling the poop off her fluff shw squatted and started drumming her leg! Her comb and wattles are coming in but are about half the size of Chico's. I thought for sure that Lil' Peep and Sandy would be my LAST to start squatting but they are my second and third!

Any ideas on this?

I will try to post some pics tomorrow.
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If your girls are laying you probably know what squatting LOOKS LIKE. When you get close the ladies squat down and hold up their wings a big tucked and rigid.... Just like they do when they are being mated... Congrats however on your new egg production!!!

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