Why is my light brahma and buff Orpington unfriendly/ skittish? Please help!


6 Years
Aug 28, 2013
Alright, so my buff Orpington is very hard to catch... She runs like the wind when I try to pick her up or go near her... This is the same with my light brahma... But also the brahma squeals if I catch her... When I give my other birds treats by hand, they will not come up to me... They aren't laying yet ... I got them as rescues and are 3-41/2 months.. Thank you so much any help will be greatly appreciated:)
Regardless of breed every hen is different. We have eight hens, they were all hand raised by us. Three can be picked up pretty much at will, one that can go either way, two that can be caught and two that we have to take off the roost at night if they need any sort of care or treatment.
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