Why is one of my black sex link's picking at all the other 43 chicks?


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I posted on another thread, but I think I posted in the wrong topic. I think this is "behavior." I have 44 chicks, nearly 6 weeks old. The past 2 days I have noticed that one of the black sex links is going around and pecking at all the others. When she does get a feather, she eats it. Is this normal? Should I remove her from the flock? Please advise!
But, it's a black sex link. Doesn't that mean it has to be a pullet? At this age, near 6 weeks, would it be, "pecking order?" Or is it protein? Or is it behavior?
She could have gotten a taste for feathers or is just plain bored. At 6 weeks they are still establishing pecking order and it is possible she wants to be and is getting to the top. My two lead hens have always been black sexlinks.

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