Why is the area where you live/your town so special?

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  1. conny63malies

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    Mar 22, 2008
    Annetta Kentucky
    I thought it would be interesting to know what is so special and what makes your area unique.
    I live in Youngstown, which is in Mahoning County in NE Ohio, almost PA and WV.
    THe buckeye chicken was bred from a lady only a few miles from here.
    PAt Bilon the guy in the ET costume camfrom the WEst Side of Y-town,
    also famous children of out town are Omarosa, Ed O'Neill, Boom boom Mancini( the guy who beat Duck Too Slow)
    Harry Burt the Good Humor inventor is from here too, the ice cream was first produced here,
    William H. Calbreath the Advertising Icon Presumed model for the Cream of Wheat trademark, lived and died in Youngstown you can thank the neighboring Boardman for Arby's,
    William McKinley President 25th President of the United States. Born in Niles, and attended school in Poland
    former OSU player Maurice Clarett is from the area
    Kelly Pavlik Boxer Current WBC and WBO middleweight champion originally from Youngstown's South Side Miss De Bartolo the 49ers owner lives in Canfield

    Handels ic cream is from here
    and the father of the shopping mall is a local too

    we were once a booming Steeltown and i hope Youngstown wil be better again

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    NE Washington State
    Oregon City is rich in history.

    Pioneers, The Oregon Trail. Just fascinating. Up at the top of our road is a farm that has been in the same family since 1847 when their ancestors crossed the plains to emigrate to Oregon. The original homestead is standing and in use as well.

    I love to go to the End of the Oregon Trail center and savor the history.

    There are so many places you can go and see the historic places. Like the wagon ruts over Mt Hood. The Pioneer Woman's Grave where people (including me) place flowers still. And much more.

    Oregon City was once the capitol of the Oregon Territory which included Nor Cal, and Washington.

    The city plans for San Francisco are filed at the Historic Oregon City Courthouse and we were married there because of the history.
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    Forks, Virginia
    I am in a very historic area of Virginia.

    The Marquis De Layfatte slept on the corner by my house in a 3 day emcampment where his men marched and turned Cornwalis in a defeat that sent the British packing.

    Within 10 miles of me -

    We have several CW battlefields.

    We have several National Parks.

    St. Thomas Episcopal Church is where Robert E. Lee chose for worship services.

    Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded here.

    His arm is buried at Ellewood.

    Orange County is the home of President James Madison and wife, Dolly. It was later pruchsed by the DuPonts and has been fully restored to pre-DuPont era.

    Orange County is the home of President Zachary Taylor.

    The home of US Senator James Barbour and the famous Barboursville Winery Ruins.

    Germanna is where Gov Spotswood settled 42 german families in 1714 to develop a colony out of the Wildreness.

    Several homes and buildings were design by Thomas Jefferson.
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    Because I live here. [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] For the record i just want to say that where i live is NOT special at all. Unless you enjoy paying taxes on your taxes........... [​IMG]
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    well..lets see..my town was metioned in Stephen Kings book..Dream Catcher....it even describes getting off exit 8 (which IS the correct exit) and drivinh through the town of Ware..aand going to the Quabbin..i thought it was pretty cool when i was reading the book, cause we are a small rinky dink town ...[​IMG]

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    Come on everyone.....let me have more of your history!! I find it fasinating.......and thanks to those that post on the thread.. I will read it avidly.....[​IMG]
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    Annetta Kentucky
    Quote:I remember there was some kind of susense /creepy movie that mention Bartow Fl and some other little towns.We used to live down there and it creeped me out.

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    The Independent State of Dade. Dade has been cut of from the rest of Georgia from day one by Lookout Mnt. The only way in to dade county was threw Alabama or Tennessee. With this in mind (as the story goes) dade seceded from the union an the State of Georgia well before the state decided to join the Confederacy. After the civil war we stayed independant till WWII. During WWII the county decided to rejoin the Union an sent a letter to the president. He welcomed us back publicly with open arms. The state of Georgia just found interest in us when Atlanta started having a water shortage. We have access to backwaters of the Tn river. And it has been debated that we own part of the river but today's maps show us to be 300 feet short of it. When the state quarter came out We were again removed from the State. The outline of the state of Georgia follows our county line removing us from it.

    Thats the public history. Living in the Independent state or Dade plays out alot like Hazzard county. Everything is our way an black an white hats fall down family lines.

    Thought I should add that the majority of the movie The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia was filmed here. We still hold court in that court house an the Confederate flag still flies over it to this day.
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