Why isn't she laying?


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
I have a "grown" pair of muscovies that we bought in the beginning of April. The hen isn't laying yet. She was a last summer hatch. Any suggestions?
Right now they have flock raiser mixed with Extra Egg.

I have looked everywhere they hang out for her eggs and haven't found them yet
Since it is just the two of them in that part of the yard they have picked out favorite hang outs. Before we fenced in the chickens a couple of weeks ago, she did go in the coop once in awhile but never laid any eggs.

ETA: The two of them don't eat a lot of their feed - they forage quiet a bit for bugs I think.
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They should be laying then, I guess you just have to give them some more time or put protein supplements in their feed
my dad has 3 muscovy drakes and one hen she laid about 14 eggs under her house. he got all of them when they were juvaniles so i know she's still pretty young. this is how i ended up with my four i adopted them about 2 days after they hatched:love they're a week old now and i'm hoping one will be a female so i can get eggs
. anyway she seemed to have no problem laying lots of eggs although it is her first time laying. maybe they lay more when there's more than one drake? good luck
just discovered my dad's muscovy hen has laid more eggs already! she did hide them a little lol her other eggs hatched only a week ago i can't believe she's already laid more! yay more cute ducklings to come

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