Why my roo likes younger hen?

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    I added all my whites together tonight. They have been seperated in pens side by side so the hens could get use to each other. There was not much fighting once I put them together. Just my older hen gives the young girl a few taps. My older hen is about 1 year and half and my young hen is going on 7 months old (Still has not laid yet.) My roo loved her! He mated with her as soon as I opened the cage door..LOL, She was not to thrilled about this but stood still for him. Anyways I went down to see where everyone had gone to roost. My older hen is in her Nest/trash can I made her. Where the roo use to sleep, He was not with her nor was the younger hen. She was in the other side where she was before roosting on a pole I made for her with the roo. LOL I thought this to be funny because its like he chose the younger girl over the older hen. Could this be true?
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    All males seem to like younger chicks?

    I dunno.

    Perhaps she's easier?

    I have a younger roo.... 26 weeks old that won't go near any of the almost year old hens.
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    The latest issue of backyard poultry has an article on pecking order that agrees: Younger hens are lower on the pecking order, more submissive, so they get mated more often.
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    Ah, ok i get it so because she is younger she is on the lower of the pecking order. Meaning she is more submissive to the roo for easy mating. That makes sence why he likes her so much..LOL because my older hen gives him a ride every now and again when he tries to mate her..LOL
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    When my young hens came of age, my old roo abandoned his harem of old gals and went after the new ones. It didn't take but a week until my old gals lost their places on the top of the roost beside the roo. It was sad, but so typically male that I had to laugh....even in the animal world males act like animals! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The real clincher? All three roos prefer the blonde Buff Orps and one of the blonde mutts I have to all the other gals in the flock....how do I know this? All four of these hens are repeated targets for the roos and are losing their feathers on their backs!

    Blondes have more fun, my eye! [​IMG] [​IMG]

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