Why pekin/cochin bantams are the best chickens

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In the Brooder
Oct 31, 2015
easy to pick up
great mothers
can cross with loads of different bantam breeds
Cant scrap very well because of feathery feet
males hardly ever scrap
males really friendly after 6 months old
Dont need big runs
can be fed on wild bird seed
free range
Hutch can be rabbit hutch
Lay 150- 250 eggs
loads of diffrent colours
got character
children friendly
really popular
great for first time chicken owners
suit cold winters and warm summers
can be easy sexing while they are fully feathered because most of the time males have larger combs
popular to sell in pairs or trios

when younger than 6 months old males can be a bit bossy to humans
lay small eggs
in wet weather might need to wash there feathers on feet
can be pecky while broody
can be a bit flappy
when young got to watch out for rondents and squirrels

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