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8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Northern Wisconsin
So I have been looking into getting a pair of geese, well I found a male/female pair of Embdens on craigslist. The AD only stated 25lbs each and the number to call.

Well I call leave a message and number (which I do not like to do, I don't like giving my number to people unless its when I am for sure getting something and looking for directions). Never get a call back been 3 days, so I email the AD, asking how much?, are they aggressive?, and to see some pictures......

The guy emails me back stating to call the number!!!! If you can email back your number, why not just answer my questions over email...I don't even know if I want these birds, I just wanted the basic information you would normally put in your AD.

Anyways I tryed calling yesterday again, no answer or response.

Does this just seem to fishy? I think I am just going to drop it and find some other ones.


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
Grand Blanc, MI
I'm with you. I'd much rather deal with a couple emails before giving out my number. I don't even post my number when I post an ad. Seems like a weirdo...

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