why remove the flap of a baby chick nostril

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  1. I read some things about the flap on a chick nose to be remove. My question is why?
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    One way to mark baby chicks is by punching small holes in the webs between their toes. While this is permanent if done correctly, it is usually followed up with numbered wing bands when the chicks are older. There are 16 possible combinations of toe web punch marks.

    In addition to toe web punches, removing the nostril skin flap increases the possible number of markings from 16 to 64. A fingernail clipper works well for nose marking baby chicks.

    Chicks are marked so that the breeder can follow their blood line's performance as adults.

    It is similar to ear notching a pig or a calf to permanently identify its parents, or else the animal's owner.

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  3. Okay thank you! I thought it had something to for preventive respiratory problem

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