Why should I NPIP??

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    Ok, I have been tossing this around since last year. I pretty much have a closed flock. Only get eggs and use certain breeders. I never go to auctions etc, etc...When I had a recent issue with one of my hens I freaked, everyone said had to be CRD. I couldn't figure out how??? So, after a few days of freaking out we realize it is a genetic thing, isolated to this hen, and she is in the egg eating flock so it doesn't matter. BUT, it got me thinking. I thought NPIP meant you had a clean flock. NOPE, only means you are clean of a few certain diseases but anyone can be NPIP and be infected with IB, right? But for those that thought NPIP meant clean it seems like a false safety net. I know my flock is clean. I qurantine and have actually only gotten a trio of adults last year. I am lucky enough to not have to deal with the nuances that some people deal with on a regular basis. This is my third year and only now got a mild case of mites in my free range flock(rest are separate and clean). I am just trying to figure out why I SHOULD NPIP? Besides, they may realize I have more chickens than I should [​IMG] . but seriously, why should I???

    eta-oh, and I should mention I don't sell hatching eggs or chicks....My birds are for MY pleasure. I may at a future date but still not sure....
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    Quote:I can't think of a single reason for anyone to become NPIP if you are not selling hatching eggs or chicks. . . . .

    Being able to re-assure your buyers that your flock is "somewhat" safe is the purpose behing NPIP. In fact, when they come out they don't test everyone in the flock......They just do some random sampling.
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    If you are not selling hatching eggs or chicks and you are not going to shows, there is very little reason to get certified.

    NPIP is about health risks to humans, not birds.
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    HOW does one get NPIP? [​IMG]:barnie Been trying to get answers on that but there are none. I got an email in Montgomery (AL) but no response. No response on Facebook poultry pages. No info on how much and how to sign up. National level says it's state level operated, but state level doesn't answer. [​IMG]:he
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    Quote:Not so. The basic program, which was implemented in the 1930's, tests for pullorum and fowl typhoid, both of which are by caused specific types of salmonella that can cause high mortality rates in flocks, but do not affect humans. This was a huge problem in the industry before the program was implemented, and the program has eradicated the diseases in commercial breeder stock and hatcheries in the U.S.
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    Quote:Here's the list of state agencies to contact:

    Thanks- unfortunately that's the contact I emailed and haven't heard anything from. Not a form answer, nothing. Calling state offices gets a voicemail and no answer or response. Took months to find out about legalities of selling eggs from a state standpoint. My stock's from NPIP places but *I* can't get listed to sell offspring on.
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    For those of us who are new to chickens could someone post what all those abbreviations/acronyms stand for in the original post? I'm trying to learn by reading and I'm just lost here. [​IMG] ...but interested!
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    CRD= chronic respiratory disease
    IB= infectious bronchitis
    NPIP= National Poultry Improvement Plan

    did I miss any?

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