wierd question (story included)


Pie Crust Malfunction
11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
houston tx
um does anyone know how to get food coloring and water mixture off ur skin? were having a halloween party and me and my sis were just out making the table cloth blood splattered using the mixture. i was taping it down and my sister went on ahead and started splattering. it got all over me! lol so the sheets finished and well so am i! XD help? please?
Soap? Bleach? Chicken poop?
Whatever you do, don't use vinegar or any citrus. The acids will set the dyes.

Honestly, I tend to just leave it and wait it out. A nice long shower won't hurt, though.
chicken poo sure wont help! lol. i would wait it out except the idea of going to school blood splattered isnt all that appealing XD

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