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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Two Creeks Farm, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    Well, she has zero issue with layers, but meaties is relativley new to her. We always culled roosters and hens that stopped laying so the entire process is knwn to her and she takes it as part of life on the farm so to speak.

    The meaties (true meaties) had her complaining about every aspect until this past week. We were on a mini vacation and there were tons of chicken farms in the area so I started pointing out to her the housing etc. Some of the barns were huge and she was still arguing about the mess, extra work they involve etc. So sitting at a construction zone, a semi pulls along side and it was filled with crate after crate of meat birds. We sat beside it for 5 minutes or so and when traffic finally cleared she turned and exclaimed that she would rather eat one of ours then what was on the truck! She noticed how dingy they were and remarked on how our CX were clean and healthy looking compared to the slaughter bound birds.

    When we got home, she looked at me from across the run and asked how many meaties I had ordered for the fall batch and exclaimed I should have doubled it LOL!
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    Ha! I bet a lot have similar stories. I know that's what turned me onto it.
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    We just took our Cornish X's to the processor tonight. They've been free ranging our lawn since they were four weeks old and had the slug population cleaned out. They came running whenever they saw us and followed us around the lawn when we were outside. They were clean, happy, active, healthy birds. It made the trucks full of dirty meat birds I saw a couple of weeks ago doubly sad knowing how good all those chickens could have had it if they hadn't had the misfortune of being shipped to a big producer.

    Good for your wife. [​IMG]

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