wife got a deer, now wants my sausage

Jun 12, 2017
I've been super busy with work and farming, so I haven't had a chance to get out yet. I took the lil one with me yesterday afternoon (Oct. 16), and told the wife to go hunting since the front was moving in. She didn't have to wait long before this doe walked by. She was hunting from the ground like I do most of the time, without a blind. And yes, she was wearing her overalls as I've told her camo is over rated. The deer only went 15 yards. The wife has requested it all be made into sausage.

mar 10-16-21 doe.jpg

I just finished making a batch of deer & pork kielbasa Friday (Oct 15). When my wife posted the pic of her deer online, both of our phones started ringing from her kin and friends putting in orders for more kielbasa. Looks like I have some more work to do.
Kielbasa 2021 in smoker.jpg

Kielbasa 2021.jpg

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