Wifes first animal swap

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    Jul 3, 2013
    I took my wife to her first animal swap this morning. Always before she would say, look for this or that but wouldnt go cause it was too early. She decided she was going this time cause it was the last of the year. We left the house at 5am this morning. Its now 10:50 pm and I just got done building pens for the animals she bought. I have been to several by mysef. I bring home a chicken or two every time. Out of all I have been to by mysef, I may have spent a total of $50 and brought home 7 or 8 chickens total. Today, with her there, she bought a goat, a donkey, 5 rabbits and 5 more chickens. Spent the last 12 hrs building anomal pens and still need to add on to chicken coop. All I wanted was 2 or 3 more amarucana laying hens. ( never got them). Think I'll leave her home next time lol.
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    That's a valuable learning experience.
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    Massive understatement. [​IMG]

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