Wife's Grossed OUT!!!


8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
Las Vegas
I've got a flock of 10 or 15 whatever the feed store had. They have been running around kinda fee range on 1/4 of my half acre for about 2 years now. My wife has a bird shop and she took in on trade a couple incubators, an r-com mini and a little giant styrofoam one. I set the mini up two weeks ago and put three eggs in it after 7 days one had veins the other two were dark. We were both excited just to get one fertile so we replaced the bad two. They hit 7 days today, one is good the other not but the 2 week old one I could see the heart beating!!! My wife didn't believe me and had to see for herself, she gagged and ran off!!LOL!! This woman has stitched up burned crops, let's her African Greys clean her teeth, amputated deformed toes and growths but a heartbeat in an egg does her in!

LOL funny how things affect some people.

On another note I would love to work at a bird shop. I love my parrots.....I hope one day to have a goffin cockatoo
Very funny!

Good luck with the hatch.

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