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    Sep 28, 2011
    This how (spam removed) came into existence. It all started when 3 students of Early Childhood Education in Macquarie University of Sydney in Australia, began to write songs for kids as they have been preparing for a music project. They roped in the help of a music band member. The three students were Anthony Field, Greg Page and Murray Cook. The music band was "The Cockroaches.' The man who joined them was Jeff Fatt. Each Jeff and Anthony have been as soon as members of the Cockroaches. The foursome formed 'The Wiggles.' The extremely 1st album got them name and fame. Soon the group became a household name in Australia. Following that they began touring and extended their activities over continents.

    Wiggles games are now offered worldwide. You might take pleasure in them on the web. The internet searches about Printable Wiggles Party Games, Wiggles Toys Bedding and Wiggles Merchandise take you towards the effectively organized internet internet site of Wiggles Games. The internet site is refreshingly kids friendly. You'll need not bother about any undesirable content or graphics inside the web site. Fun and fantasy are each exactly where in the web site. The web internet site shows caricatures of Sam in Yellow colour, Jeff in Purple color, Anthony in Blue colour and Murray in Red color warmly welcoming the guests of the website...


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    Spam, spam, spam. . . What can ya do. . . Haha - I like how the staff put 'Cooped Up Spammer' and 'SPAM removed by staff' and '(spam removed)'. LOL. The username of that spammer seems so. . . umm. . . ?spammy? LOL ~ (made up word)
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    Quote:I DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!! Advertising? [​IMG]
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    Quote:I DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!! Advertising? [​IMG]

    Yep. Now we should probably stop posting here because one of the mods is probably going to lock it.
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    I will lock this. Don't go run around posting the word "spam" all over the games section. It is not worth our time to moderate such stuff. Let your peers know this too please. Thank you.
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