Wil my young Silkie rooster learn more "roosterly" behaviours?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by madicakes, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. madicakes

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    I have noticed that my silkie rooster is not gentlemanly in sharing his food with the ladies. He doesn't run them off from the feeder, but if I let them into the yard and he finds something, he chases the hens away if they get near him. He's only aout 22 weeks at this point in time, and has not started mating. I've read that roosters will generally find yummy morsels and call the girls over to share. I'm wondering, is this a behavior he will develop as he gets older? I'm a little worried that he will not be nice to the hens as he gets older.
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    Aug 10, 2014
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    well at a young rooster age he is probably showing the girls who's boss and that he owns the place then after awhile he will start to share the food with them but also that's how they mate the rooster chases the hens until he can catch them.
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    Maybe he just needs to mature a little bit. 22 weeks....that's about five and a half months....I'd give him some more time to learn to be a gentleman.

    But.....sometimes you get a rooster that is not a gentleman. Then, freezer camp may be the way to go....

    It is really cool to see the rooster call the girls over for food and share it. They make a certain sound.....it is very neat.

    I sure hope he mellows for you....the hormones are often raging at that age.....And they can be rough around the edges.
  4. madicakes

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    Thank you, I hope he mellows out too. I really enjoy watching him and seeing how he's always on alert, and doesn't seem to like it when the girls stray too far. So, there's hope :)
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    I had the exact same concerns with my roo. He's almost 23 weeks now, and is just now starting to call the girls for yummy stuff. It came shortly after he started trying to mount them (and mostly being rejected.) I'm sure the two are related :)
  6. madicakes

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    LOL, you know, I bet the are directly related! :)

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