Wild and Domestic Duck Laying


Aug 12, 2021
Every morning, we get 1-3 fresh duck eggs from the duck house. But I was wondering, do wild ducks lay eggs every day too? And if so, what do they do with it? Leave it somewhere? My ducks seem to not care about the eggs they lay so they just leave it in the ducks house. So, I'm wondering about wild ducks. It looks like they do not lay eggs every day, but if they don't, how come domestic ducks do?? Soooo, these are my questions...


Aug 16, 2021
Hi KingBobKingdom

the answer is that in general wild ducks do not lay every day and leave their eggs, They mainly lay in their breeding season and do lay their clutch one egg per day, but then sit on them and incubate the eggs. They may have 2 or 3 clutches each year.

Domestic ducks lay and leave their eggs -- sometimes in their pen but if they free range during the day they may leave their eggs hidden round the garden!!. We have a pekin who reliably lays in the pen and a crested pekin that some time lays in the pen; sometimes behind the compost pile and sometimes behind the air conditioning unit. She is very cute and she is a tease.

Why do domestic ducks lay regularly and leave their eggs? Selective breeding over centuries

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