Wild Baby Rabbit - Suggestions and tips?

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  1. I found a wild baby rabbit while my cat was stalking it in the bushes in my back yard. We live right on the corner of 2 busy highways (right across from school and soccer field). I would have just took my cat in and not her her go out again till I saw that the rabbit was gone. But my cat isnt the only cat in the neighborhood. The rabbit didnt even try to hop away when I reached under the bush and picked her up. So I was sure she would be a good prey item for one of the cats, or if she did hop off she might get hit by a car or picked up by one of the tons of kids around here.

    So long story short I have this baby rabbit. Its eyes are open and Ive never raised a baby rabbit before. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I sent my hubby to go get some hay from the feed store. Made sure to ask him to find some with timothy and clover in it. I have the little girl in a multi story ferret/rat cage right now on my back porch with a water bottle and box inside to hide in. Soon as he gets back Im going to make a nest inside the box with the hay and fill the floors with the hay too. Then put a towel over the cage to try to make her feel safer. Is there anything else I should do?

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    LET IT GO!

    For some reason it is a misconception that the mothers abandon them or once a person touches the baby the mother won't take care of it. WRONG. At that age, the babies are to be wandering around. Sometime in the evening the mother will call for them to come back to her. Even if there are a lot of cats around, I would still let it go. It has a better chance of living out there than living in captivity. I have tried to raise rabbits before a couple years back and they always seem to want to run around at night (which ended up in me losing some sleep). Also, they need their mother's milk and droppings to get the necessary bacteria in their digestive tract to help with digesting plants and other organic materials. I had one escape from me and went to live under my neighbor's deck. This neighbor has two large black cats that will grab any chance they can to get another animal. This rabbit lived under there for several months until one day it was caught and the skin was torn so that I could see its flesh. It didn't make it, but in that months time, it grew A LOT! Almost twice its size.

    Release it somewhere safe if that makes you feel better. It is the survival of the fittest out there and, though it may be cute, nature is not merciful. Those babies are fast when they want to be.
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    Yes, let it go. It will die of the stress caused by being handled by a human (a predator). It is a wild animal and should be treated so. If it was big enough to hop, it will be ok.
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    LOL a bunch old sticks in the mud arnt ya.
    Its a hard call really, I would be tempted to sit out side with it and just wait and see if you here or see anything at all , I found 3 baby birds under a broken door laying on its side against the wall yesterday and It took all my will power not to save them as the parents are still feeding them however they got down out of there nest, I am shure one of the dogs , cats , raccons or such in the neborhood will have had a snack by the time I get home, Unlike some I dont call it nature though, nature didnt decide to have a bunch of stray and outside cats and wandering dogs out there with there nature babies much less cars, trucks ,bicycles , scooters and such. [​IMG]
    Do whatever you feel youre heart leads you to do just remmber there are problems and heartach possible ether way.
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