Wild Bird Chicken Coop Invasion


Apr 1, 2019
So, I have an issue with wild birds getting into the chicken coop and eating the chicken feed.

I wouldn't have much of a problem if it was just a few.

It seems like every day I come home and there are 30-50 birds a day.

I started with the feed outside, but due to the birds I moved it inside the coop.

Now the birds have found their way into the coop and are chowing down on the food.

I have to open the coop door and duck as they all scatter when collecting eggs.

Some of the smaller birds can make it through the chicken wire on the outside.

The feeder type doesn't seem to matter, they find a way to get into the coop. (Hanging, head stick in, bowl, etc)

I was thinking about either getting an owl decoy or putting up some bird netting around the coop & run to keep them out.

I was just curious at what other people have done to keep the non chicken birds out.

The few I have identified are the Eurasian Collard Doves, Mountain Chickadees, and various types of sparrows.


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Oct 29, 2014
I use Treadle feeders.
If you put your feeders in a chicken wire covered area with the lower part surrounded by a dark cloth, when you go there the birds will fly up and got caught under the chicken wire, you can eat the pigeons

Folly's place

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Sep 13, 2011
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30 to 50?! Good grief!!! I get upset about the three to five we have here! They also bring in mites, and lice, which is the problem I've been having with them.
I think that locking them out, and the flock in, would help, unless it's going to be too crowded for your birds to be in for a couple of weeks.
Those 'rodent proof' feeders might do it, unless you have bantams or chicks who would be too lightweight to work one.
There are 'sparrow traps' available, although I personally would hate to be killing songbirds, at least the native species. Those 'invaders', maybe. We have the invasive house wrens, who could go anytime...
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Al Gerhart

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Sep 29, 2011
Oklahoma City
The only sure solution is a treadle feeder. Look for a spring loaded door to prevent the birds from just pushing the door open, a narrow and distant treadle to prevent the birds from mobbing the treadle and eating feed, a heavy counterweight, all metal construction (no plastic!). Do a forum search for rat proof feeder or treadle feeder right here on BYC.ocm or Google.

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