Wild birds are desperate for food !!

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  1. I just wanted to share this sweet picture of a cardinal in my yard along with hundreds of others waitin on me to fill up the feeders after the ice storm!

  2. DDRanch

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    Feb 15, 2008
    awwww.hurry up, they look quite hungry. And thank you for feeding them.
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    Go fill this feeders and post new pictures of the carnage.
    I bought cheap "wild bird seed" the other day instead of the usual BOSS @ Big Lots (they did not have any BOSS) & the feeder has not been touched :sickserves me right I guess. Probably give it to the girls - I know their not that picky..... [​IMG]
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    Oct 22, 2008
    west virginia
    We have three feeders; one right by our dining room window under a big old pine tree, one near a wooded lot next to our house (which I can watch from my kitchen window) and one out back.

    We've not been able to keep any of them full for more than one day. In fact, the little one under the pine tree sometimes gets filled 3 times a day. We've so enjoyed watching them all day! My 8 year old is studying birds for her science this year, and she's been excited to discover so many different kinds of birds right outside the window. We've never seen so many kinds in a whole year before and its fun to finally find which birds make which calls. We've heard some of them for years & had no idea which bird made the calls.

    Its been great entertainment for all of us, and very relaxing for me! I'm not 'doing nothing' you see....I'm Observing Nature....[​IMG]

    We also made a feeder, which was the best of them all: a yellow mesh bag that once held store-bought lemons that had a huge lump of birdseed & peanutbutter (thoroughly mixed) inside of it. Woodpeckers, bluejays, flickers and nuthatches went crazy for the contents. However, a squirrel ripped it open and ate most of the seed & pb.[​IMG]

    Now I have to go buy more lemons!

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