Wild Birds keep Eating My Duck Feed?


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I have wild sparrow eating all my duck feed and the feed for my chickens any suggestions. I fed the ducks in the moring in the dog house that I have for them and all the bird go in there and eat it. I also place some food in a dog bowl for them and they eat that to????? darn Birds!!!

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I had a problem with wild birds eating my chicken feed too. I fixed the problem with a variety of methods, but mostly making a curtain that the chickens could get through but not most wild birds--although it didn't keep out sparrows. You can look at how I did it down towards the bottom of my BYC page. Last week or so someone from MI was making a similar curtain out of heavy duty transparent vinyl. I think that would work to keep the sparrows out. You can also build a treadle feeder and you can find plans for that by following the link at the top of my BYC page. Good luck!
try keeping a flock of 30-38 wild Black Bellied Tree Ducks out of the duck food! I am invaded every dawn and dusk by these roving thieves and it is almost impossible to keep them away...they eat a lot, poop a lot and intimidate my domestic ducks...they are pretty and I know they have to eat but geez! My ducks huddle up in a corner while they are being home invaded and robbed...
I have a major problem with house sparrows eating my chickens' food....about 50 of them. However, their numbers are seriously declining in the British Isles, so I think that I have a breeding programme for them!

As well as feeding, they now roost in a hydrangea plant along my wall,and nest all around the house and in the barn.

I would say they take 40-50% of my birds' feed.......oh well.


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